Run for a cause

The Life Time Torchlight 5K is proud to partner with great charities that give you the opportunity to race for a cause.

Official Charity – Mile in my Shoes

Miles-in-my-ShoesWe will be partnering with Mile in My Shoes to help bring the transformative power of running to new people. Mile in My Shoes is a nonprofit organization that brings people experiencing homelessness or addiction together with “running mentors” from the greater Twin Cities community onto a single running team. The premise of Mile in My Shoes is straightforward – through runn2016-MiMS-Image-2ing with one another, residents of Minneapolis from vastly different backgrounds not only find common ground, but they begin to learn from and depend on one another for support. As they transform themselves, they transform one another.

Last year, thirteen Mile in My Shoes Resident Members completed the Life Time Torchlight 5K, running step-by-step alongside their Run Mentors. For half of these members, the 5K was the first race they had ever completed. While many of the members would go on to complete longer races in the fall (two even completed a marathon!) the Torchlight 5K was a monumental event:

  • Run Mentor Ron recalled the moment when he and his Resident Member partner Harvey – who were bringing up the rear – rounded a corner and the finish line came into site just beyond the Stone Arch Bridge. “He got out his phone and started calling his family, saying ‘I can see the finish! I am really going to make it!’”
  • Resident Member John, on his first 5K: “If you had told me a year ago I would be doing this, I just would not have believed it. I just can’t even believe that I am doing this!”
  • Resident Member “D”: “Hey wait a minute … are those people all cheering for ME?!?”

While the MiMS team put in the early-morning miles training for race day, over a dozen FundRacers were behind the scenes helping them get to the start line – by fundraising. Through their efforts, last year’s FundRacers raised nearly $5,000 for Mile in My Shoes, which goes towards ensuring all new Resident Members have the proper running gear, equipment and opportunities to become lifelong runners.

In2016-MiMS-Image-1terested in helping a new season of Mile in My Shoes members get to the 2018 Life Time Torchlight 5K starting line? Become a Mile in My Shoes FundRacer! All FundRacers receive FREE entry into the Torchlight 5k and will collect loads of great incentives — like entry into a Life Time marathon! To become a FundRacer, simply fill out the form here before you register for the race and you will soon receive your free entry code along with more info on incentives, fundraising ideas and more fun ways to get involved with Mile in My Shoes.

We will also be taking donations for Mile in My Shoes through registration and will be donating running gear and entries to the event for all Mile in My Shoes members.